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 Winchesters in the TARDIS

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toph putting up posters

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One of the many, many, many things I can’t believe about this show is that they managed to make a running gag out of a person’s blindness, and yet it NEVER gets offensive. 

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Looks like the fight’s coming to you.

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#everyone is all over hiddleston for this scene but can we appreciate how great evans was at imitating his mannerisms?

Evans was so good that we forgot it wasn’t Hiddleston playing Loki pretending to be Steve.

The entire scene is magnificent

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i cannot imagine how much fun rdj and ty simpkins must have had. 

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game of that didn’t happen in the books

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legolas + looking prettier than me in the fellowship

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Marvel’s greatest extras. 

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So, many people, journalists are saying and reviewer are writing that ‘The Winter Soldier’ is a villain. But let me tell you this: he is not. The real villain is HYDRA, who made a weapon out of a human who was supposed to die!

We don’t even know what he was going through when he was lying there in the snow, maybe screaming for help and crying in the cold. Slowly feeling nothing in his body, coz he was bleeding out. And he maybe was unconscious and half-dead, when HYDRA took him out. He woke up with a metal-arm, being tortured and forced to be frozen for years!

I mean, Bucky was the one who took care of Steve Rogers! He was the one who said he was not going to follow Captain America, but Steve, who is his best friend and brother! So, don’t tell me that Bucky is a villain. Coz he had no choice, except HYDRA was making choices for him.

Bucky even didn’t know he was Bucky. He was being tortured and brainwashed. HYDRA was using him for their own good. And as you can see, Sebastian Stan understands Bucky really well, coz nobody has as many Bucky-feels as he does. This has nothing to do with interpreation. It is a fact, that Bucky is a victim and a weapon of HYDRA! He lost his identity… and he is cold and empty inside.

So, do us a favor and stop calling Bucky Barnes a villain! He is a victim or as Sebastian said: “a post-traumatic-stress-disorder victim"…

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